Reiki soothes wisdom tooth surgery

I had two opportunities to combine arnica, a homeopathic remedy for traumatic injury and reiki. Both my twin girls required all four wisdom teeth surgery to make room for their orthodontic treatment. After reading my herbal teacher’s excellent blog on how he jumpstarted his fractured leg’s healing process, I decided to be proactive as well.

IMG_1885One or two days before the scheduled surgery I started them off on arnica I bought from a local apothecary. On the day of the surgery, while seated in the waiting room I started giving reiki to her jaws and hands. We had elected for the laughing gas anesthetic in both cases. While my one daughter was fine with this arrangement, the other one was more nervous. Anyhow, reiki calmed her down sufficiently and she was funnily quite sleepy and zoned out during the surgery!

They were both prescribed codeine for pain control for a whole week, to be supplemented with over the counter Tynol pills. The good thing, is the less nervous daughter did not take a single dose of codeine, and just survived on tynol, arnica and reiki sessions. While the more nervous one took one dose of codeine, and again followed the same regime. Both girls got a thumbs-up from their dental surgeon for their after-surgery recovery.

So I was truly surprised when I heard other friend’s kids usually take codeine for a week for the same surgery, and still be quite sore afterwards!! Surprising are the ways of reiki! And in this case homeopathy as well!

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