How Do You Sleep? What your sleep says about your constitution..

The quality of your sleep is defined by the balance or imbalance in your doshic constitution (Ayurvedic constitution: if you would like to check your constitution go to Are you a light sleeper or a heavy sleeper? Your sleep pattern can explain a lot about what’s going on in your body and mind. This depends on your mental temperament, and your lifestyle as well.

A healthy mind-body, that is set in rhythm to nature, will sleep easily after the sun has set, around 10pm. And sleep soundly through till around 6am or when the sun rises. That’s how the animal kingdom is tuned into nature, and that is how it should be for humans as well.

The sleep quality between 10pm to 12am is most nourishing for the brain, while sleep between 12-2am nourishes the body with prana. If you miss the sleep between 10pm to 12am, then the body takes a full week to make up those two hours of restorative sleep. Between 2-4am the body is completed relaxed and energized. Between 4-6am the body is full of optimism and happiness. Waking up at this time puts you in a good mood, and is the best time for meditation, prayer and yoga.

Unfortunately modern life has thrown this rhythm awry 

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