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Hi! I’m Mira…

There are many pathways to healing; some more pleasant than others..”

How Reiki worked for me?

Affirmations and healing: I have read a million times how affirmations can change our lives. I also know that our past childhood experiences, a vulnerable time period, powerfully shape our self-image. Personally, I find the recitation of affirmations tedious when you cannot feel the desired outcome taking shape quick enough. Then something surprising happened on the first day of my reiki class which made the dots connect: while   training, I unexpectedly connected to images and to the flow of information. During the reiki session over my co-student, I constantly got images of her hands, and then a bit later I got an image of a little girl crying and her mother. During the session, she expressed the affirmation for “I’m worthy”. Maybe there is a connection between what happened in the past and her self-image today? At that time I did not pay heed to this information. But while driving back, I was pondering what can a person do, if you have been shaped so powerfully by past experiences? Are we not all passive victims of our fate? Can affirmations overcome it? And then I saw the connection, her affirmation will come true through her calling, which is working with her hands. And she is a professional healer who works with her hands.    Affirmations allow opportunities to open up that can lead us to growth and heal us from our past hurts.

A personal message from my dizziness: I had received a reiki gift voucher and decided to avail it. My recurring dizziness was bothering me, so I asked my therapist to do craniosacral therapy instead. I had gone with the expectation of a good, relaxing neck massage. But she insisted on reiki. As she started laying her hands over me, images came to her and she enquired about them. She felt blockages in my shoulder area. And asked me if I had any ‘support’ issues? I was a bit surprised, because I do have a nagging feeling that my situation does not allow me to focus on my creative needs. We discussed the issue a bit, and came up with the image of a tree rooted to the earth to help ground me whenever I felt flustered. As she focused on my shoulder she felt warmth, while I felt melting energy. After the session I was truly surprised that my budding headache had  disappeared and my shoulders felt nice and loose. The session ended on a very encouraging note, as I drew an angel card with the message to “Follow your dream”. Instead of a simple massage session, I clued into why my shoulder and neck bore stiffness, stymied by my subconscious mind’s negative belief. And a wise tip to not allow my dreams to be stifled whatever the situation. Almost a year later, my dizziness issue has receded of its own accord.

What did Ayurveda do for me?

It is very hard to sum up. Still I will try: it turned me inside-out. It explained who I am and why I am this way. It gave me tools that really work. It gave me back health, better skin, better digestion, acceptance, patience and tranquility. It taught me my limits.

I had my first brush with serious Ayurveda quite accidentally in 2012. My sister-in-law in India, insisted that we spend some days in an Ayurvedic retreat. I went for fun, but I was shocked at the level of changes I experienced in that one short week. My body felt lighter and my mood became joyful, just like when I was a child. My curiosity was triggered and I pursued Ayurveda ever since. However I only soaked in the essence of Ayurveda, not when I received treatments, but when I dived deep in, and understood it, and made it my own.

Why I chose the healing vocation?

Healing is not my vocation, it is my life. Whenever I have been faced with a dilemma for myself or my family- sickness, stress, relationship issues,  difficult circumstances, I have always gone out and researched for solutions. I have never put any restrictions on the modality, whether or not it was scientific or considered ‘irrational’ or from realms of the unreal. My one and only criteria is that it should work! Invariably the best solutions tend to be holistic,  natural and aligned with the universe. I have come to realize healing is a lifestyle, an attitude and the very purpose of life.

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  1. Hi Mira, I was wondering if you are offing any classes or group discussions or any type of education right now?

    1. I do have – call me at 226.973.2010. I work with your schedule. Have a good day!

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