Ayurveda Workshops & Webinars

We offer a range of educational workshops that explains your innate physical and mental constitution, and gives you the tools to handle your own health in your home. Please send an email request for information on the courses that interest you. Click on the button below.

Inner Calmness

I. MiraOM ART of Relaxation

Habitually stressed, worried, aggravated? Unable to let go and really, really relax?

Best DIY course on the art of de-stressing that enables you to start practicing right away. Quizzes, Downloads, Zoom classes, Study material to deconstruct stress, and grow your inner calmness. $44

Whole and healing foods

II. Ayurveda Cooking Workshop

An 8hr educational workshop on the fundamentals of Ayurveda, constitution and a cooking demo workshop with low tea and lunch included.

BRANTFORD, Ontario venue: This workshop will be held over two sessions. The first will be at the scenic Glenhyrst Art Gallery of Brant and includes ‘The Golden Teapot Low Tea’ experience. The second session will be a live cooking demo with lunch. $165

Universal Reiki Energy

III. Online Beginner Usui-Reiki Certification- Third Degree

Combo – levels 1-3

With a combination of online classes, and face-to-face attunement, you can learn at your own pace. An in-person attunement is compulsory- A) a 1-2 hr level near London, Ontario.

(Level 1- Gassho, Byosen and history of Reiki)

B) Followed by a Day-Retreat with lunch- includes attunement for 2 & 3 degree.

(Level II &III- Reiki symbols, deepening your reiki experience, and guidance on how to set up a business for Reiki practice). $575

Quiz : What’s your constitutional imbalance?

V = you are the airy types that need grounding, P= fiery types that need cooling, K= the watery types that needs stimulating and energizing.

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