Choose your constitutional mug for calming herbal teas

MiraOm has teamed up with MAPI, to bring you rigorously tested and processed to the highest standard, quality Ayurvedic products. You will receive 20 Loyalty Points per dollar spent ON YOUR FIRST ORDER to be used on a future order (or orders), when you open your account under the name of **MiraOm and/or Mira Katyal**.

Additionally, you will receive a 20-min complimentary consultation by MiraOm.

Organic Digest Tone®Digestion Management®

Daily detox for digestive cleansing

Good health depends on strong, efficient digestion. All that is eaten, must be digested completely, and elimination should be efficient. This herbal combination is designed to close the gaps.

Blissful Sleep® — Sleep Management®

Fall asleep naturally

Sleeping is very important for physical and mental health. A restless mind requires support – herbal and other Ayurvedic aids- to regain balance.

Stress Free® Emotions — Anger Management®

Natural relief for emotional stability

Emotional balance is equal to a strong mind and body. Stress wears down the strength of the mind & body, and needs to be countered.

Restore health and wellness

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