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MIRAOM will guide you to 30-days to destress & practice THE ART OF CALM.

Mira is an Ayurveda and Reiki consultant who has successfully blended ayurveda, yoga, herbs and reiki into a straight forward package to destressing naturally. Her popular podcast *Zen Time with Goddess of Healing*, brings unique content, that is tried and tested by the author. She has been a guest on many podcast channels, sharing her unique, yet simple philosophy, with viewers. Healing has never been easier, fun or sustainable before!

This is a prelude to the *Art of Holistic Courses* below. For course content information please email me below.

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Natural ways to Destress CLASS – Monday 20 Sept at 7.30pm EST (Toronto)

Register: 2hr zoom-class with Mira, Ayurveda and Reiki Consultant, and owner of podcast Zen Time with Goddess of Healing @spotify. Included in the class is your free copy of the ebook *30-DAYS OF SELF LOVE* worth $20.


MiraOm Holistic School

**Catch The Early Bird Pricing**

Basic Ayurveda Course

Start 20 September : Learn about nature-based healing. Early bird till 18 Sept 2021. (FULL $600)


Fundamentals of Astrology Course

Start 19 October : 25-weeks online course on fundamentals of Vedic Astrology. Early bird till 10 Oct 2021. (FULL $300)


Basics of Ayurveda

Starting 20 Sept 2021

Fundamentals of Astrology

Starting 19 Oct 2021

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