*Emotional DE-STRESS Lifestyle Therapy*

ONLY When you truly understand yourself, CAN YOU HEAL INSIDE OUT


Looking to sleep better?

Reduce burnout?

Feel motivated?

Calm down agitated emotions?

Reduce stress breakouts?

Improve work-life balance?

Improve mental clarity?

Just make sense of the overwhelm?

1hr – Emotional Destress Lifestyle Consultation – Online

Two 30-min sessions: 1- First for Emotional Constitution Assessment 2- Second for Recommendations


Still unsure? Would you like to explore questions around work-life balance or mind-body centering? Book a 15-min free consultation

I. Moon Tranquility Tea & Sun Digestive Tea
  • Twin Herbal Tea Set -1.4 oz x 2 (appx 40 servings each) with tracked shipping (Canada/ USA).
II. Sun Digestive Tea & Happy Tummy Bloat-relief
  • Twin Herbal Tea Set -1.4 oz x 2 (appx 40 servings each) with tracked shipping (Canada/ USA).
III. MiraOm Custom Tea
  • Emotional Detox customized MiraOm Herbal Tea -2 oz (appx. 60 servings) with tracked shipping (Canada/ USA).

I was excited to try the process. Every session was a unique experience. Calming, centering, rejuvenating and thought provoking. I will definitely recommend to my hard-working friends who need an emotional and energetic mental vacation.

— David Ledoux, London

I’ve been coming for Reiki with Mira for 6 weeks. As I was experiencing hormonal imbalances at that time, my emotions were a bit erratic. I now feel much more balanced and calm than before. From the first session, I felt incredibly relaxed during the treatment. As the weeks progressed, this feeling of calm & balance has stayed with me.

Thank you Mira!

— F.L., London

Mira has a very strong knowledge base of Ayurveda and astrology. During our first few sessions itself, Mira has helped me tremendously to understand me and my life circumstances better. Great thing about her is the nonjudgmental approach to your life circumstances and the wealth of knowledge base that she utilizes to guide you in the right direction. Thank you Mira for helping me increase my awareness, and for offering me the much needed tools to lead a more satisfying life.

– Deepti Mishra, USA

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