We are composed of many layers: physical, energy, emotional, mental and spiritual. All the layers may not, as often is the case, be attuned to each other, and that results in blockages and a lack of balance. When we are totally and spiritually connected to the deepest part of our being, then we also connect more easily to everything out there in the universe. And then life flows like water in a river.

If you were to experience the flow of prayer through you..then it would feel very much like Reiki…

So how can Reiki help? With each Reiki treatment, the effects deepen and your experience will assume greater breadth and scope. Multiple Reiki sessions helps you to connect deeper and deeper. This can be made more meaningful by maintaining a journal to document your experiences as you explore your personal journey to greater awareness and growth. The most commonly reported feeling is of relaxation. What is experienced is less important, than the beneficial changes to your well being.

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Commonly reported effects during Reiki

o   Relax/sleep

o   Feel energized

o   Goosebumps

o   Pulling sensation

o   Feel energy vortex/throbbing

o   Feel pinpricks

o   Feel tingling

o   Feel warmth/ heat

o   Feel coolness

o   Perceive colours

o   See images

o   Receive symbolic messages

o   Perceive mandalas

o   Feelings of bliss and timelessness

o   Waves of emotion: contentment, happiness or gratitude

 Post Reiki effects


o   Stress reduction

o   Pain reduction

o   Improvement in (ailing) symptoms noticed

o   Sleep improvement


o   Greater calmness

o   Less reactive to____(anger, fear, sadness, anxiety, frustration, worry )


o   Reduced mental chatter

o   More positive thoughts

o   Easier to meditate


o   Clarity received on ongoing issues

o   Awareness received on new directions of growth  or exploration


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