Reiki Classes

First Degree Reiki:   $190 (hst incl)

Upcoming class : 

This is the basic level which includes 7-8 hours of class. Includes theory, practice and a printed manual on Reiki.

Topics covered are: History of Reiki, how to give self healing, treat family and friends, Gassho meditation, body scanning, and clearing the energy field.

You will be attuned to the First Degree of Reiki and will receive a certificate upon completion of the class.

Reiki II & III (combined):  $425 (hst incl)

This will further deepen and build upon the first level Reiki training. It includes 12-15 hours of theory, practice and is based on the earlier manual received in the First Degree course.

Topics covered are: Guided meditation, introduction to 3 Reiki symbols, distance healing, using the techniques with the eyes and breath, techniques to heal unwanted habits, techniques to clear negative energy.

Level III will deepen the reiki attunement and prepare you for a business setting.

You will be attuned to the Second & Third Degree of Reiki and will receive a certificate on completion.

For all enquiries call Mira at 226.973.2010

2 thoughts on “Reiki Classes

  1. Remona Johnson March 3, 2017 — 1:19 am

    Hi, I am interested in the First Degree Reiki class on March 4th. Is it 2:30 until 5 or longer? Could you email me the address? How many are registered?

    1. Remona, please call me, Mira

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