Treatment – Reiki, Ayurveda and Astrology

What to expect?

Reiki is a form of higher energy that the Reiki practitioner draws on while treating the client. It is gentle, yet powerful. The client is fully clothed, and the treatment is offered through a series of hand positions. Every session is different and unpredictable. It can heal at any level: physical, mental or emotional. It is relaxing and comforting.

Vedic sciences gave birth to astrology (karmic healing), yoga (mind-body-spirit healing), Ayurveda (mind-body healing) and vastu (space healing). I combine them, as suitable, to help customize your healing experience.

For appointments:  miraom@outlook.com At LONDON, ON

1.Reiki: One full session of (50 min):

Reiki Basic $65

50min session with traditional reiki


2. Reiki SPECIAL (90 min):

90 min Reiki SPECIAL $95

**This is a reiki session combined with the technique of the ‘Emotional Journey’ which allows for emotional release. With essential oils and/or gemstones. Includes chakra card reading.┬áDeeply healing.


3. Phone/whatsapp:  $45 per session (30min)

*Descend into Deepness* meditation with Distance Reiki 

30min Phone Reiki

Very comforting and stress releasing


4. Saver Pack. Reiki Phone/whatsapp:  $59

Phone Reiki Saver Pack

Two x phone/whatsapp reiki session (30min) each


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5. Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultation $120 

Are you Vata (windy), Pitta (fiery) or Kapha (watery)? This is a comprehensive in-depth examination of your doshas, imbalances, and lifestyle pattern. What you can do to move into balance according to nature. This is a 2.5 hrs consultation over two sessions. 


Ayurvedic Lifestyle Counselling

2.5 hrs: A detailed examination of your lifestyle, constitution and imbalances with suitable recommendations.


6. Astrology General Report $65

This report will reveal your personality, life-path and mental outlook. You can discover how the planets motivate and guide you? (*Disclaimer: 1. astrology is a probable science. 2. An inaccurate birth time will affect the accuracy of the horoscope. Nonetheless, broad themes are still discernible with an inexact birth-time.)

My Astrology Report

Get a reading on your life path and your inner psyche.


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