Treatment & Readings

What to expect?

Reiki is a form of higher energy that the Reiki practitioner draws on while treating the client. It is gentle, yet powerful. The client is fully clothed, and the treatment is offered through a series of hand positions. Every session is different and unpredictable. It can heal at any level: physical, mental or emotional. It is relaxing and comforting.

For appointments:

Location: South London, Ontario.

1.Reiki: One full session of 50 min: $65

Reiki basic session


2. Reiki with the emotional journey – 60-75min : $75

**This is a reiki session combined with the technique of The Journey
which allows for emotional release.

Reiki with emotional journey


3. Reiki Intensive Series: book five full sessions for $245 only  ( a savings of $80! )

**This is a wonderfully intensive series to help support deep changes in health, lifestyle, habits or relationships you maybe undergoing. It provides deeper healing and angel card readings to guide you gently on your chosen course. 

Reiki Intensive series


4. Reiki Value Seriesfive series of 20 min reiki for $125 only

**This offers great value and is a shorter, quicker series for reducing stress and increasing comfort when dealing with any  particularly stressful situation: such as recovering from surgery or illness, educational or workplace stress, moving or changing homes, or just receiving healing comfort over several days or weeks. 

Reiki value series


5. Phone/skype:  $15 per session

Descend into Deepness meditation with Distance Reiki 

**Very comforting and stress releasing 

Reiki over the phone with meditation




6. Astro: 1-Pg Ascendant Report  $20 $15 

This short report will reveal a lot about your personality and life path 

*Disclaimer: astrology is not an exact science, also an inaccurate birth time will affect the accuracy of the horoscope. Nonetheless broad themes are discernible. 

My Ascendant Report

Get a reading on your personality and life-path


7. Astro: 1-Pg Rashi Report $20

This short report will reveal your mental outlook. Your inner world.

My Rashi Report

Get a reading on your mental outlook and inner reality.


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