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Astrology – Ayurveda Gurukul: Combined Online Classes 45 weeks in 2023

Maybe you would like to dive deep and learn about these unique life affirming knowledge systems -Ayurveda, Astrology & Reiki. We are delighted to teach! Each one is a gem in preparing you in the ‘Art of Holistic Living’.

?Why Ayurveda?

Health and Happiness

If your objective in life is to flower into your healthiest or highest self, then the knowledge of Ayurveda is a complete science in itself. Ayur, which means life or longevity, and Veda, which means knowledge, is the oldest life science known to mankind, that is dedicated to longevity and quality of life. That means it is a well-trod pathway to health and happiness. Good digestion ensures the body stays well, and good sleep ensures the mind stays well. These are two of three fundamental pillars of this system. Mira has been on this journey for more than 20 years, and has assimilated a lot of life wisdom. This is reflected in her teachings, blog, podcasts and youtube channel. 

?Why Astrology?


Vedic astrology or Jyotish (Light), is the sister science of both, Ayurveda and Yoga. All of these schools of knowledge provide insight into the imbalances within a human life experience, and provide the inner awareness and roadmap to overcome them. The pathway for our highest growth is predetermined at the time of birth. To actualize it, is the human life journey that each one needs to undertake. Astrology throws light on the pattern that each of us inherit at birth. Swami Premanand Bharti is well known through his YouTube Channel Astro Saxena and his site www.astrosaxena.com , as a compassionate teacher for his astrological knowledge. Now through our school, we bring a very affordable and comprehensive year-long course covering all the essential aspects of Vedic astrology. 

With these two courses, a student will be deeply immersed into the Art of Holistic Living, by learning about the spiritual and evidence-based concepts of life and creation. We have successfully completed 5 batches on astrology and Ayurveda teaching.  To bring even greater value to our students, we are combining the two subjects under one course.

Class and Fees:

Here are the details of the next batch from Feb 2023 – runs for 45 weeks. 

  • Experiential Basic Ayurveda Course [Art of Holistic Living – Module 1] – (MiraOm). Curriculum will be covered in 20 sessions. 1.45-hr per session, held on a bi-weekly basis. Welcome class will be held in the second week of Feb, 2023.
  • Comprehensive Astrology Course [Art of Holistic Living – Module 2](AstroSaxena). Curriculum will be covered in 45 sessions of 90 hours. 2-hrs per session held every week. Welcome class will be held in the second week of Feb, 2023

Fee and Mode of Payment – Total Fee for both courses together is 900 CAD. Following are the modes of payment available:

  • If a student makes a one-time payment then they can make a total payment of 750 CAD. 
  • If a student wants to make payment in instalments then they can make a total payment of 900 CAD in 3 instalments of 300 CAD each payable at the gap of 2 months – (Feb, April, June 2023)
  • Total fee paid is fully refundable till the first class only. 

Add-On Services for Gurukul 2023 Students:

  1. MiraOm – 1 free holistic counselling session AND one time concession of 50% off any consultation/service. [**Not included-products or shipping]
  2. Astrosaxena – One time concession of 50% on fee for any consultation/service of their choice. 
  3. Benefits per student – 1 free consult plus 2 discounted services available 

Classes will be over Zoom, with interactive Whatsapp Group for questions/doubts. For info email Mira at miraom@outlook.com & cc astrovishalsaxena@gmail.com.

Reiki Classes

?Why Reiki?

Spiritual energy

Reiki is one of the best known methods for divine healing energy. A bridge between the human and cosmic experience.

Module 3

Reiki classes are available for Level 1 to 3, starting from $175. An integrated online combo option is available with training till level 3, with a day retreat included. Please enquire.


Send your paypal payment to miraom@outlook.com and mention course and date in the subject.

“I want to say I took Ayurveda classes with Mira and I recommend them to you. Mira teaches really well, and you learn practical ways to apply Ayurveda in your daily life. You will also be able to relate astrology and Ayurveda together, and Mira is really good at both. ” (Ayurveda course)

Gurleen, Canada

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