MiraOm Holistic School

Ayurveda & Reiki by Mira

Vedic Astrology by Vishal Saxena


Maybe you would like to dive deep and learn about these unique life affirming knowledge systems. We are delighted to teach! Each one is a gem in preparing you in the ‘Art of Holistic Living’.

Experiential Basic Ayurveda Classes

Module 1

Ayurveda is the oldest life science known to mankind, that is dedicated to longevity and quality of life. That means it is pathway to health and happiness. Good digestion ensures the body stays well, and good sleep ensures the mind stays well. These are two of three fundamental pillars of this system. Please enquire about the next online class, curriculum and early bird pricing. Full price C$600.

Comprehensive Astrology Classes

Module 2

Astrosaxena is well known on youtube and his blog, as a compassionate teacher, for his astrological wisdom. Now through our school, he brings a very affordable and comprehensive year-long course covering all the essential aspects of vedic astrology. Please enquire for the early bird pricing, dates and curriculum. Full price C$500.

Reiki Classes

Module 3

Reiki classes are available for Level 1 to 3, starting from $175. An integrated online combo option is available with training till level 3, with a day retreat included. Please enquire.

Ayurveda Course

250-hrs experiential online course.


Astrology Course

100-hrs comprehensive online course.


I work with animals which is a really stressful field. The lifestyle knowledge helped me build habits to regulate my emotions and manage stress productively. And the additional knowledge of reiki, helps me calm my four-legged clients, when they are nervous, stressed or in pain. Great living knowledge I cannot do without!!


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