Trying to fix it?

reflection of woman s eye on broken mirror
Photo by Ismael Sanchez on

When I looked

All I saw were missing parts.

The vacant eyes,

The empty heart,

The tall expectations.

I am good,

But I see the faults,

I am sad,

That is not acceptable.

Sometimes I lose it,

Then the despair.

How to fit in?

I manage.

But am always short.

Is this how it will always be?

When will it be fixed,

So I can happy ever be?

The broken mirror,

Then spoke to me:

“Do not fix me,

Or your parts.

Just see the part,

As bits of the whole.

And let it go.

Today it rains,

But worry not,

The sun will shine.

Still, don’t be fooled,

The sun will blur.”

Then what will happen?

I bleakly despair.

“Just see the part,

Then let it go.

They all co-exist.

Just as is.

This is this,

That is that.

But what is important,

Is to live the now.

Happiness is lived in parts,

Between the dreadful shards.

When it’s bright,

The face lifts up.

When it’s stormy,

Simply curl up.

Like the seasons,

Succumb to the mighty flow.”