I can see a patch of sky

but it is far, faraway,

You see,

I have always lived


in my deep, and darkest well.

It is full of woes,

yet it is my pillow

on which I doze.

I try to climb,

but slip down

after a mere two tries,

And then I settle back

and time slips by.

Yet I wonder what's it like

out up there?

I read and hear,

and think to go one day.

The well is dark

but familiar.

Without the light,

I know the lay.

Sometimes the twinkling stars will beckon me,

sometimes the cotton wisps

will with me play.

I feel I should scale the wall,

you never know,

I might one day!

Then I turn away.

You see the shadows,

in my well?

Yes....it holds me tight,

and cloaks the light,

And in my well,

I mostly stay.

[Poem about inner struggles. To start your inward journey book a consultation.]