In my new career as a Financial Advisor, I had an “aha” moment, during my own financial review with my superior. She asked what dreams would I allow to come true if I won a million dollars? I said my three priorities were to clear outstanding debts, deepen my spiritual practice and try my hand at writing a book and, maybe open a healing centre. As she proceeded to illustrate how financial planning could help me out, I zoned out and felt prickly all over. I had a sudden realization that having an extra million would do nothing special for my dreams. The only thing holding me back was worries and procrastination. Ok, I probably cannot take a year off to write a book, but I could try writing a page every other day. The point is to break your dreams into doable bite sizes!

Actually I think the reverse is true! Follow your dreams, and maybe the million will follow! How electrifying! I had suddenly been released from all my imaginary bondages. Aren’t we all guilty of delaying dreams most meaningful to us? Well, if you don’t believe me look at the top traded companies on the stock exchange: Facebook, Apple and Microsoft. They all started in a garage with a couple of thousand dollars funded by friends and relatives. If they waited to start after they won a million dollars, we would still be living without smart phones and social media!

Dreams should be followed when they bloom in the heart. Then the universe makes way for you. If you wait too long, they  might just wilt and die!

Plus there is another benefit of following your dreams: it makes you Feel So Alive!