What is Ojas

Ojas is cooling and soothing like the moon, soft, sweet, lubricating, oily and whitish. Mucous is an ojas production. Without lubrication, all cells in the body would be dry. Anything that resembles these qualities will provide the body ojas- like ghee, flower nectar, oils, honey, rice, almonds, certain herbs and spices. Nature’s best replica of ojas substance is ghee. Ghee from grass-fed, happy and well-nourished cows produces the best milk, which in turn produces the best ojas ghee. Addition of ojas herbs and spices will add to the delight. Ojas is produced by a happy and rejuvenating environment: good night’s sleep, love, friendship and family get-togethers.

Application of ojas ghee:

  1. Nourishes brain
  2. Rejuvenating
  3. Heals and repairs digestive track
  4. Rekindles agni, the digestive fire
  5. Softens organs
  6. Builds glow or aura
  7. Moisturizes dry skin, especially for vata types
  8. Cools inflamed skin for pitta types
  9. Cooling and nourishing for the eyes
  10. Increases effectiveness of herbs healing power