How I have benefited from Reiki:

  1. Healing / relaxing / comforting clients with hands-on technique
  2. Supporting sick friends or family separated by distance, with relief over the phone or through distance healing. For example, a friend undergoing cancer treatment or stomach cramps for my kids. Some relief is experienced after 30-60 min or the next day
  3. Emergency relief on a train when my father suddenly took ill, and there was no medical support available.
  4. Self healing for body aches, headaches, reduce mental stress..
  5. Reiki for plants in my garden
  6. Reiki to the home on special occasions to generate positive energy
  7. Students have used reiki on their pets
  8. When relationships are strained, and words don’t work, non-verbal reiki is a great way to deliver loving energy to your loved ones
  9. Sharing reiki with other Reiki practitioners
  10. Reiki with homeopathy used to reduce effects of a surgery Рsuch as quicker healing and less pain- for instance,  wisdom tooth surgery for both my kids
  11. Complements modern medicine treatments with comforting and calming the patient
  12. Relief to stressed/burned out caregivers
  13. Calming restless babies