One of the most important events for me with reiki was when I was travelling on an 8-hr train journey with my father. In the middle of the night, a co-passenger woke me up with alarm and said my father had made several trips to the toilet and was stumbling around.

I quickly turned to him, however he just fainted backwards, with pale lips. I was alarmed and at a loss on how to help in the middle of no where. I could not open his suitcase with medications, in the meantime my concerned co-passenger searched the train for medical help. He insisted I should pull the alarm to stop the train. However I was afraid if we stopped in the middle of a village we would be further away from medical help, rather than if we reached home in the morning.

I just started giving him reiki, while my co-passenger found some medicine. I gave him the tablets and wrapped him in his blanket. For two hours I gave reiki. When I felt he was sleeping peacefully, I went back to sleep.

In the morning my father was up and reading the newspaper with his cup of tea as if no dramatic events had taken place in the night. I was astonished! I asked him if he knew what he went through? He said “yes” nonchalantly and said he felt perfectly fine now.