What is Art of Holistic Living?

First we must understand the words ‘Living’ and ‘Holistic’. Living is by default, one is born into a certain set of circumstances, and one acquires a template of living that is automatic and unconscious. There is no intent to dive deep into the roots of existence. Holistic means it is integrated, more wholesome and harmonious. 

Basically seekers, who are looking for deep answers, are always on the quest to understand the purpose of life. There are probably a million answers out there. But only one stands head and shoulders above others: Vedic Sciences. Why?

Vedic knowledge is the study of energies composing the universe and the attributes of time. This spiritual body of knowledge came into existence around approximately 5000 years. The first book of Vedas – the Rigveda – is mainly hymns and praises to the elements. Agni (fire), Soma (water), Indra (prana) – these are all deities. Yet every living and nonliving entity owes their existence to these elements. You may take this as a scientific fact or spiritual fact, or both.

The earth as well as our bodies are composed of 60 to 70 percent of water. The earth and our bodies are heated by the sun. Without fire in our blood, we would die. Without prana or air, no life could exist. Every breath draws in prana. Without access to air for four to six minutes, one can lose their life. And of course, without earth, there can be no manifested world – no earth, no matter, no bodies, no trees or animals or stars in the sky. 

So the five elements are our parents, and the RigVeda worshipped these elements!! The rest of the knowledge flowed out like a mighty river from this source. Out of this body of knowledge sprung many sciences with the purpose of pacifying suffering in the human existence. So Ayurveda healed the physical body, Yoga prepared the mind for meditation and higher spiritual life, Jyotish, translated as light, or Vedic Astrology helps understand our karmic existence. There are many, many more offshoots of the Vedic sciences – however they are all united in their purpose in their own, unique way – to reduce suffering in this existence, and prepare you for a spiritual existence. Because the Vedic knowledge was brought forth by seers who spent their whole life in nature and meditation, by attuning to the very source of life – the primordial elements – there is no other body of knowledge that can compete, with its deepest connection to the source of creation of the cosmos. 

However ‘holistic’ has another meaning as well. It means it is ‘whole’, spiritually elevated and harmonious. How can your life be harmonious if you are flowing against the elements? 

Balance is healthy – all else is disease

– Ernst Wilhelm in Graha Sutras

Every element has its own rules of engagement and intelligence. Only one flow is life-giving. All other flows lead to disease, distress and suffering. Wrong flow, excessive flow, scanty flow, blockages are all responsible for depletion and destruction of life. This is evident in the body, in the mind and even on planet earth. 

A small example: deforestation, increases the flow of soil erosion when there are rains. This leads to loss of soil, trees and plants, food production, and affects the lives of animals and humans. Trees protect the earth. If one understood the wisdom of elements – then trees would be honoured, not ruthlessly swiped out for human development. Same is with the body, with proper flow of prana, the body is replenished. Trees are the lungs of mother earth, and our lungs are the tree of life for our body. 

The Vedic sciences are deeper then the deepest oceans. Many lifetimes are required to master it. However MiraOm Holistic School has created synergetic courses that are short, yet deeply effective, to start implementing into your life. Life is very busy and stressful in the 21st century. Time is a luxury. The need of the hour, is to turn our lives around now. Not leisurely, by living in the forest, singing hymns, and meditating for many years as our seers did. Summarizing her own 20-year holistic journey into these courses – MiraOm Holistic School is an attempt to present the crux of healing, within your own homes, and to elevate your lives holistically, while you pursue your professional and family life.