Dandelion is a bitter herb, and therefore a great detox herb, because bitters have a cooling and reductionist properties. It is a great laxative, bitter tonic and diuretic. People suffering from excess heat in the body, or accumulation of toxins can use it as a tea. Excess heat in Ayurveda is a pitta disorder – which means there is stagnation of bile salts in the liver and gallbladder. It helps detox the liver, gall bladder and helps with urinary disorders as well. It also helps clear all types of cysts, sores, and tumorous growth. Its vitamin A content is higher than carrots. 10-15ml of its fresh juice from the leaves or roots helps reduce indigestion, as well as promoting healthy digestive processes. 

This type of tea is not good for people with excess dryness and fatigue issues, which is common with the fragile vata constitution in Ayurveda. As they will be further depleted. The occasional tea is ok, but must not be habitual. 

Dandelion root can be combined with chicory root or burdock root as an anti-pitta, detox or anti-fever beverage. 2 tsp each can be boiled in 2 cups of water for 15-20 min, which can be had three times a day. Or have dandelion leaves soup cooked with carrots, onion, garlic, in chicken or vegetable broth. Or the baby greens of its leaves can be mixed in a spring salad. Dandelion plants make their way out of the ground in spring, which is the best time to clear the winter accumulations in the body. Make sure the leaves have not been subjected to pesticides – as they are easily found profusely growing in home gardens. Brought by pioneers to north America, the natives of America adopted dandelion as a food and medicinal herb.