Am I biased towards Ayurveda? I guess I am! I am like a little child with paints and trying out different pictures with glee. Which other medical system, can you ‘take it home’? Can you take acupuncture, osteopathy, or homeopathy home. Homeopathy and herbs you can take home to your kitchen pharmacy in some measure.

In the month of March this year, my tooth sensitivity started acting up. The lower and upper molar were protesting, with cold and hot drinks, and hard foods. I became more careful with what I ate. With the Covid lockdown, it was best to grin and bear it. However the pain worsened, so bad that I called my dentist. He told me the clinic was closed, and to take Tylenol to ease the pain. If it got worse I could call back. I called back the very next day to report shooting pain, upwards and downwards in my mouth. Biting food had become an ordeal.