The English language metaphors sometimes captures a truth more accurately than all the scientific armies put together. Pitta is made of two elements – fire and water. It is fire encased in water, so that it can do its job, and not burn everything it touches. Just like blood.

Blood is hot and red. Both symbolize the fire element. Blood is also liquid which is the protective water element. When the water balance decreases, the blood, literally boils. Pushing against the seams with high pressure. The pitta dosha is in-charge of many important functions in the mind and body. It is like a cooktop in your stomach, digesting the food eaten, using stomach acids and bile. Then it goes to the liver, the garbage recycling centre, so that all toxic substances are removed from the blood and ejected from the body. Its job is to keep the blood juice – pure and moist for the body cells. Of course, the more mean you are to your liver, with excessive spices, alcohol, junk food, the harder the poor liver has to work. So when you are gorging down on late night TV dinner of spicy burgers, with crispy fried meat and drooling with cheese, please spare a kind thought for your liver, that needs to put in a double shift to digest all that.

The heated blood keeps the body warm, without which we would die. It provides us fire power to motivation, so that we get out of bed to achieve our goals. 

It helps us process the information taken through the senses – eyes, ears, mouth and makes sense of it and then presents some conclusions for us to digest. In other words, it provides intelligence to the human mind. If you have excessive fire element, the conclusions will be fiery and over the top.

 So you see now now what you eat, or how you live, affects your attitudes? Yes! overly spicy foods make us angrier.

Rose milk or tea – calms our heart, literally!

You can easily see or experience a person with fiery pitta imbalance:

  • They have extra reddish skin
  • Their eyes can have a reddish-pinkish hue
  • Have a tendency to burn from the sun
  • Their anger can flare up and fry you
  • Their speech can cut you and shrivel you

The pitta person with imbalance can also experience it themselves:

  • They dislike hot weather
  • Their poop is explosive and can burn
  • They have acid reflux
  • Their sleep is disturbed
  • Their emotions are easily agitated
  • Tongue might have yellowish coating
  • Sour taste in the mouth
  • Prone to rashes, itching, fever, hot flashes
  • Excessive sweating

So what protects the fire?

Yes water, not just drinking water, I mean the water element, so cooling stuff like coconut water, rose flavoured foods, mint, green vegetables all protect the fire element. Enjoying water in the morning will nourish you – swimming in the lake or even your bathtub. Instead of sunbathing for hours, till you stew to a perfect lobster. 

No power yoga, as it will overheat you. Instead try gentle yoga in the evening or morning. Or moon meditation. 

Most crucial of all: Don’t be angry  !!!? 

With yourself or the world. 

Just abandon anger.

Practice love ?? and then you will be become the perfect pitta person. Enlightened and attractive, instead of abrasive and demanding. 

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