I have two questions for you, the reader:

1. Do you have a constitution prone to dryness? 

2. And more importantly, do you like snacking on dry foods? Like dry fruits, nuts, popcorn, crackers? Did you know astringent foods are drying like – raw apple, cranberry, dandelions, beans and pomegranate? And do you absolutely love snacking on popcorn?!! 

So no wonder now, that you feel dry as a bone? Depleted of moisture – with dry skin, aching joints, gassy and bloated stomach, low back pain, and fragile emotions. 

Unfortunately we all consciously or unconsciously feed our basic nature, further driving it into imbalance. After studying Ayurveda, I have come to the conclusion that spirituality is not merely lofty goals of seeking your higher soul, or examining your relationship with the divine. It starts with the very basic step of self-restraint. It is as mundane as not succumbing to the natural nature and constitution, that you were born with. It is about awareness, self-control and using your willpower and inner awareness to move against your natural constitutional tendencies. 

In other words, without awareness, introspection and a conscious decision to rise above your birth tendencies, you will tend to be swept away by the innate tendencies that you inherited. What a vata imbalanced person needs, is lots of moisture; nice warm moisture to counter their natural drying tendencies. That means bringing in the water and earth element. Moisturizing the stomach, the blood, the skin and even the emotions. 

You will recognize a person with vata imbalance by:

  • Their tendency to multitask
  • To start many projects, and be unable to finish them
  • Their hyperactive mental tendencies
  • Their energy quickly fizzles out
  • Their uneven appetite
  • And their cranky disposition

A vata person can also recognize the imbalance within by:

  • Their tendency to bloat
  • Loose motions or constipation, or both
  • Susceptivity to motion sickness
  • Feel anxious and overwhelmed
  • Restless sleep tendencies
  • Tire out after a burst of energy
  • And dryness in their nervous system, skin and hair

So how does a person with a tendency towards dryness moisturize their whole constitution?

Naturally, by doing the opposite of what you automatically gravitate towards…!

Favour warm and juicy foods and snacks like pumpkin soup, and beet stew. Snack on bananas, avocados, miso soup or fresh mango juice. Sleeping properly is the single most moisturizing activity. Best quality sleep for all humans is between 10 pm and 6 am. Vata’s especially should fiercely protect their sleep regime, as they are the first to succumb to sleep disorders, that will linger for a lifetime. Moisturize your emotions by slowing down, praying and meditating, the best bulwark against anxiety, worry, nervousness, multitasking and overwhelm.

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